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Amin Tejani

Chief Executive Officer

Amin Tejani was the Chief Executive Officer of LPC Group Plc, a circa £300m turnover multinational manufacturing operation that was sold by the family in 2010. LPC operated in five different European countries and supplied an array of supermarket giants including Boots, Sainsbury’s and Carrefour.

His experience also extends into other industries such as real estate and pharmaceuticals. Amin was the director of In2 Healthcare, a chain of fourteen retail pharmacies. In2 Healthcare was also involved in wholesaling, purchasing licenses and operating a research lab in Chicago, USA. Recently, Amin exited LTC at a valuation of £42m, the most successful tissue start-up in the industry.

With family experience in dental care, he founded A&U Dental in 2016 and is using his vast experience in strategic development to make the group’s vision a reality.

Leicester Tissue Company

Founded in 2014 by Amin and Ayaz Tejani. Fastest growing innovative tissue converter. Finished goods produced included Toilet Tissue and Kitchen Towel. Customers included Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl, and Poundland. At time of exit, turnover £42m and EBITDA of £7m. Exited to Accrol Group Holdings Plc.

LPC Pharma

Founded in 1980s by the Tejani family. Pharmaceutical retailer and investors in intellectual property.

LPC Group plc

Founded in 1980s and run by the Tejani Family. A vertically integrated European tissue manufacturer. Finished goods produced included Toilet Tissue, Kitchen Towel and Facial Tissue. Customers included Sainsbury, Carrefour & Waitrose. Located in the UK, Sweden, Belgium, France. At time of exit, turnover £300m and EBITDA £40m. Exited to Sofidel Group.
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