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In some cases, your dentist can treat tooth decay with a simple filling; however, if your dentist discovers that the nerve of your tooth has been damaged, a root canal may be necessary.

What is root canal treatment?

The nerve of the tooth can sometimes lose vitality after decay, fracture or injury. If left untreated, this will likely result in an abscess.

Abscesses can cause tooth loss, sinus infections, and severe discomfort if not treated immediately.

Root canal treatment aims to alleviate the cause and symptoms of discomfort by cleaning and re-filling the canals to prevent reinfection.

Why might I need Root Canal Treatment?

There are several signs that you may need root canal therapy, including the darkening of your tooth after trauma and severe discomfort caused by an infection or a deteriorating nerve.

Your dentist will perform a variety of diagnostic tests and x-rays to determine whether you require root canal treatment. During your detailed consultation, they will discuss all treatment options and procedures with you.

What does root canal treatment involve?

Treatment sessions for this routine treatment usually take place over two to three weeks.

The first step entails cleaning and shaping the root canals inside the tooth to remove bacteria and decay and then applying an antibiotic dressing and temporary filling.

The infected tooth will need a second visit to be filled with a permanent filling after it has settled for a suitable period.

Most patients have significant relief after their first visit.

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