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Promoting preventative dental care is part of our vision statement. Your daily dental health is our priority.

What preventative treatments can I expect with A & U Dental?

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

When you come in for a routine examination, we can discuss your habits and offer tailored advice to improve your oral health and general health, including quitting smoking, not drinking alcohol, and avoiding acidic foods and beverages. Our goal is to improve your oral health by promoting healthy habits.

Oral Health Advice

Your gums will be assessed at every check-up for early signs of gum disease, along with treatment options available to you should you need them. As part of our oral hygiene instruction, we will emphasise brushing, interdental aids, and mouthwashes.

Dental X-rays

Dentists are able to detect some forms of dental decay with their naked eyes, but not all of them. Digital x-rays are regularly used to detect early decay and lesions between the teeth, as recommended. We also check for any changes in the long-term bone structural support with x-rays.

Fluoride Varnish

For teeth that are at risk for cavities (tooth decay), we apply a fluoride varnish. As a topical treatment, fluoride varnish is painted over areas that might be difficult to brush. The NHS and other health bodies recommend topical fluoride to be applied on children’s teeth during their youth, when their brushing habits may not be optimal. This part of the exam is quite popular with children, as most of our patients find it quite tasty!

Fissure Sealants

Molar teeth have fissures on their biting surfaces, called fissures and pits. A small gap can provide an opportunity for bacteria that cause decay to grow. Fissure sealants fill in these tiny spaces. Especially important are sealants for children who have not yet received enough fluoride exposure to protect their permanent teeth.

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