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Can I have a white filling?

If you’ve been advised that you need a filling, you can ask your dentist for a white filling instead of a silver one. Some white fillings are available on the NHS as part of Band 2 treatment.

If your white filling cannot be done on the NHS, we will happily offer to draw up a private treatment plan and discuss payment plans if required.

What are white fillings?

White – also known as composite – fillings are made from a material used to restore cavities caused by tooth decay.

Dental composites and resins come in a multitude of different shades to match the natural colour of your teeth to produce white fillings.

What are the main advantages of white fillings?

Using a unique bonding process, white fillings are chemically attached to your natural enamel and dentine. Compared to amalgam fillings (silver fillings) which need to be held by the tooth mechanically, bonding requires less removal of natural tooth structure during the preparation stage.

We offer white fillings not only because they are more aesthetically pleasing, but also because they are cured in the surgery using the blue light, which means our patients can begin eating and drinking as soon as they leave the surgery if they are not numb.

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